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Aaralyn (Alleman - 2007) 467 M : L$1.50 M$1.10 S$0.85 UNIT$4.25
A dark rose with a cream throat. Easily holds open 8-10 florets at once on long formal flower heads. It's ability to make top quality show spikes and an easy cutter will keep this one around for a long time.

Ajirasek ( - 2005) 526 M : L$2.00 M$1.50 S$1.10 UNIT$5.50
A large 500 deep pastel orange to a vermillion light red. Has slight deeper marking in throat. It's greatest attribute is the huge 6"+ florets that are lightly ruffled. Holds open 7 on 21 " heads in formal placement.

Aksakal (Markevicius - 1995) 479 M : L$2.75 M$2.00 S$0.00 UNIT$7.75
A deep vibrant purple with green to white centers. Florets are wide open with ruffled petal edges. Strong medium sized plants. A real nice novelty.

Albert (Lubojacky - 1991) 395 M : L$0.00 M$2.00 S$0.00 UNIT$8.00
A smoky rose brown with blackened petal edges. Deep redish brown lip petals adorned with a line on midrib. Nice ruffling, good lengthy heads on tall plants.

Allosius (D.Croteau - 1999) 256 EM : L$1.00 M$0.80 S$0.75 UNIT$0.00
Deep blood red with dark throat. An exhibition miniature.

Always (Alleman - 2006) 443 E : L$0.00 M$1.10 S$0.85 UNIT$0.00
A lovely light pink with a white throat and a light pink brush mark. It has exquisite ruffling and knuckling in throat. An exhibition type that will hold numerous open at once. A good propagator.

Amanda P (Peeters - 2002) 435 M : L$1.25 M$0.90 S$0.75 UNIT$0.00
A large crisp salmon with a yellow throat, very formal. An excellent show glad and very sturdy standing for flower beds.

American Dream (Hartline - 2006) 235 EM : L$0.00 M$0.00 S$0.00 UNIT$0.00
SOLD OUT {Substitute suggestion: Coral King} A top ten miniature that consistently proves itself by winning numerous ribbons and champs. Highly ruffled coral salmon with a yellow throat and heavy substance. Holds 9 florets open on spikes with standout traits.

Amis (Vaclavik - 2009) 465 EM : L$2.00 M$1.50 S$1.10 UNIT$5.50
A unique combination of a lavender rose with deep rose lip and lower petals that are bordered with yellow. Stiff strong upright plants hold these lovely flower heads with pride.

Angelic (Frederick - 2010) 252 M : L$1.50 M$1.10 S$0.85 UNIT$4.25
This little scarlet has divine formal miniature placement. Holds open upto 9 of 24-25 buds on 25" long flower heads. Lightly ruffled florets have slightly deeper lower petals with a fine red line on midribs. A real show contender.

Annie (Peeters - 2009) 477 M : L$1.25 M$1.00 S$0.85 UNIT$4.25
An enchanting rose lavender with decorative cream veinning through out and topped of with a freshly frosted throat. Nice ruffling and formal placement. Consistently straight and an outstanding propagator.

Ant. Peeters (Peeters - 2008) 465 EM : L$1.25 M$1.00 S$0.85 UNIT$0.00
A sharp red-rose with white peppering dusted towards throat. Holds open 7-8 at once of 20 buds on nice straight cutting stems. Clean foliage and excellent propagation.

Antonius (Peeters - 2017) 454 M : L$4.50 M$3.50 S$2.50 UNIT$9.00
(LP -11-1012-1) A scarlet red with slightly lighter midribs. Holds open 10 of 23 buds on 25" heads in formal placement. Florets are over 4 1/2" in size and have light to medium ruffling. Nice all around. (Huron Flair x Weir Glad)

Antoon Verberk (Peeters - 2005) 454 EM : L$1.00 M$0.80 S$0.70 UNIT$0.00
A reliable medium red cut flower. Holds open 7-8 ruffled florets 5" in size on 24" heads. Nice green foliage, sturdy standing plants and excellent propagation habits.

Anyu S. (Peeters - 2002) 471 LM : L$1.50 M$1.10 S$0.85 UNIT$4.25
A large exhibition 400 that is a lovely rose-lavender with a cream throat. Easily holds open 8-10 ruffled and well placed florets on robust 30" flower heads. Has done well in gladiolus shows.

Apen Glow (Madeson - 2008) 425 M : L$0.00 M$1.30 S$1.10 UNIT$0.00
An intense luminous salmon orange with a rose red brush mark on lip petal. Consistently delivers long flower heads of 29" or more. Holds open 8 in formal placement and of heavy substance. It's enticing colour really stands out.

Apricot Dream (Turk - 1981) 423 M : L$0.75 M$0.60 S$0.50 UNIT$0.00
A super vibrant yellow orange apricot. A commercial cutflower type.

Arabian Nights (Hartline - 2006) 467 LM : L$1.50 M$1.10 S$0.00 UNIT$0.00
A medium rose-lavender with deeper rose on outside of petals. Florets are ruffled and knuckled in throat. Tall plants provide solid cutting stems that will impress any glad lover. A super fancy!

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