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Gaillo Antico (Preyde - 1992) 427 M : L$1.50 M$1.10 S$0.85 UNIT$0.00
A deep bright orange blending to an orange yellow center. Great colour saturation and a real stand out. Florets are smooth and simply elegant. Nice green foliage and good health.

Gerry R. (Frederick - 2013) 347 M : L$2.00 M$1.50 S$1.10 UNIT$5.50
A luminous deep shrimp pink with a lower cream throat that spills onto outer petals. Holds open upto 8 lightly ruffled florets of 21 buds on 23-24" heads. Tall and bright colour that really pops out.

Glitz and Glam (Peeters - 2016) 412 M : L$3.00 M$2.00 S$1.50 UNIT$8.00
A glittering light yellow that easily holds open10 at once of 27 buds on 26" spikes. The 4 1/2 " florets have heavy ruffling and substance and are set on robust strong plants. Glamour it up with this beauty whether it be for show or cut.

Gold Fever (Hartline - 2011) 416 M : L$1.50 M$1.10 S$0.85 UNIT$4.25
You have struck gold when you see this rich yellow in your garden. It is the deepest vibrant yellow we have grown. A welcome addition to it's class. Very good propagator and superb cut flower.

Gold Struck (Adams - 1991) 416 EM : L$0.90 M$0.70 S$0.60 UNIT$0.00
A true deep yellow that is great for commercial and cutting purposes.

Golden Slipper (AA Fischer - 1986) 214 VE : L$0.00 M$0.85 S$0.70 UNIT$0.00
A medium yellow with a hint of green in throat. Nice ruffling and robust grower.

Golden Spark (AAS Peeters - 2013) 415 EM : L$1.75 M$0.00 S$0.00 UNIT$0.00
A golden yellow with blushed orange petal edges. Holds open upto 10 of 22-24 buds on 24" heads in formal placement.

Green Crush (Hartline - 2007) 204 EM : L$0.00 M$0.00 S$0.00 UNIT$0.00
SOLD OUT. A very nice medium green miniature with excellent heavy ruffling and substance. Easily holds 10 open at once in formal placement.

Green Estate (Peeters - 2016) 302 E : L$3.00 M$2.00 S$1.50 UNIT$8.00
A stately yellow green that is perfect for show or an early cut flower. Florets are lightly ruffled and 4 1/2" in size. Opens 8-10 if 20 buds on 25" spikes in formal placement on tall plants.

Green With Envy (Frazee - 1995) 404 M : L$1.20 M$0.90 S$0.75 UNIT$0.00
A very clean lime green. A good green to add to your cut flowers that really draws customers and makes the other colours pop. A tall grower. This one and Green Star are very similar in appearance and would be difficult to tell them apart.

Gussy Up (Madeson - 2010) 423 LM : L$2.00 M$1.30 S$1.10 UNIT$5.00
A consistent performer and has done well in our trials. A lovely light salmon-orange with a red on yellow brush mark. Holds open 8-9 of 24 buds on long 29" flower heads.

Gypsy Belle (Peeters - 2012) 466 M : L$2.00 M$1.50 S$1.10 UNIT$5.50
A stunning rose that is neatly defined with a light picotee around all petal edges. Holds open 8 nicely ruffled florets on long 27" long flower heads in formal placement. A five star beauty that leads it's colour class.

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