Peeters Gladiolus - Catalogue
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Natural Flame (Peeters - 2012) 413 LM : L$1.00 M$0.90 S$0.75 UNIT$0.00
A very light yellow with deeper lip petal accented with a large rose-red pointed blotch. Holds open 8 of 22 buds on 25" flower heads in formal placement.

Neat (Euer - 2008) 365 M : L$1.50 M$1.10 S$0.85 UNIT$4.25
A striking red rose with a neat yellow center on lower petals which bear a defined red sunburst that is replicated on each floret. A consistent 300 and an inspiration for unique designs.

Neringa (Markevicius - 2009) 421 EM : L$2.00 M$1.50 S$0.00 UNIT$5.50
An elegant light buff orange with cerise brushed lines on midribs of lower petals. Intense heavy ruflling and waxy substance give this glad a rich glow and temendous holding power. Absolutely gorgeous!

Nesook (Sjuberg - 2010) 273 E : L$0.00 M$0.00 S$1.00 UNIT$5.00
An exotic medium rose-lavender with deep warm yellow lower petals and a thin rose picotee. The 3" wide open florets are heavy ruffled and frilled at petal edges. A premier miniature.

New Age (Saran - 2005) 355 VE : L$1.50 M$1.10 S$0.00 UNIT$4.25
A large 300 size bright scarlet red. Sturdy long spikes with 26 buds and excellent foliage. Rated very well for us.

Nicholas (Frederick - 1990) 275 E : L$1.00 M$0.85 S$0.70 UNIT$0.00
A medium deep lavender with a warm cream throat. Has continued to be a success.

Nicholas Kenneth (Peeters - 2002) 378 E : L$1.50 M$1.25 S$0.00 UNIT$0.00
A warm purple with a deeper lip petal which bears a slight cream line. Nice and straight and great for an early start.

Nieko (Peeters - 2017) 365 M : L$4.50 M$3.50 S$2.50 UNIT$9.00
(LP-09-964-5) A medium exhibition rose with a light picotee on petal edges and lighter upper petals. Easily holds open 12 of 26 buds on lengthy spikes. Florets are 3 3/4" in size with superb medium ruffling and formal placement. (Early Icing x Phyllis M.)

Noah's Green (Peeters - 2015) 404 EM : L$3.00 M$2.00 S$1.50 UNIT$8.00
A striking green that has lots of character and strength. Solid in colour with medium heavy ruffling and substance it easily holds opens 9 of 23 buds or more in formal placement. Deep green foliage with excellent propagation.

Nostalgie (Mimranek - 2008) 363 M : L$1.50 M$1.10 S$0.90 UNIT$4.25
An exquisite combination of rose with deeper rose tips and a large rose blotch on lower petals. Has pretty buds to match. Holds 8 medium-heavy ruffled florets on 24" heads. A pleasure to grow.

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