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Parnas (Lukon - 2005) 479 M : L$0.00 M$0.00 S$0.00 UNIT$0.00
SOLD OUT An intense black-purple with a red undertones. Holds open 9 large florets of 24 buds. Straight spikes and a deep rich colour that just shines.

Peach Royale (Martin - 1998) 423 LM : L$0.00 M$0.00 S$0.85 UNIT$0.00
A heavy ruffled copper peach. One of our favourites, very detailed and lovely with dark green foliage.

Peppermint Delight (Sander - 2011) 441 M : L$1.50 M$1.10 S$0.85 UNIT$4.25
A delightful light rose-pink with rosy darts deep in throat that has double row formal placement. Holds open 10 of 27 buds on 27" heads. A true florist pink that intensifies in colour after being cut. Rated highlty and is already winning in shows.

Perth Ivory (Peeters - 2002) 300 M : L$0.00 M$0.00 S$0.85 UNIT$0.00
A heavy ruffled ivory-white with heavy subtance. Holds open 8-10 florets on long spikes. It is one of our favourites from the hybridizer. Will do well as a show glad and makes a fine cut flower as well. Ideal for weddings and special events.

Perth Pearl (Peeters - 2001) 310 M : L$1.50 M$1.25 S$0.00 UNIT$0.00
A clean creamy white with wide open ruffled florets. Holds open 10 of 27 buds in formal placement. Has won many times on the show table. Has good standibility and would do well in flowerbeds for height.

Perth Silence (Peeters - 2008) 373 LM : L$0.00 M$0.00 S$0.00 UNIT$0.00
SOLD OUT A delicate shade of lavender that blends into a white throat and is deeper at petal edges.

Peta Christina (Peeters - 2011) 462 EM : L$1.75 M$1.30 S$1.00 UNIT$4.75
A sparkling light lavender-rose with a lighter throat. Can hold open upto 10 exquisitely ruffled florets of 22+ buds in formal+ placement on long solid spikes. A top notch choice on tall robust plants.

Pete (Peeters - 2007) 478 EM : L$1.50 M$1.10 S$0.00 UNIT$0.00
A medium true purple with a subtle white line on midribs of petals with a handsome purple blue throat. A spectacular colour. A nice glad for show or garden.

Petite (Frederick - 2013) 278 M : L$0.00 M$0.00 S$1.10 UNIT$0.00
A exhibition miniature rose purple that is deeper in colour towards throat with a very fine hairline on lip petals. Has great mechanics with 3" florets that are lightly ruffled, of medium substance and in formal+ placement. A Black Lash cross.

Phyllis M. (Lull - 1990) 434 M : L$1.00 M$0.90 S$0.75 UNIT$0.00
One of the strongest glads we've grown. Such an easy grower of straight stiff stems with formal spikes. A ruffled medium salmon pink with a creamy throat that is superb for cutting or show.

Pierce's Dream (Frederick - 2015) 278 M : L$3.00 M$2.00 S$1.50 UNIT$8.00
An impeccable little purple that has excellent colour saturation. Holds open 9-10 of 24 buds on 24" heads in very formal placement. A deep medium purple with a small cream line on lip petal. Florets are 3-3 1/4" in size and lightly ruffled.

Pink Elegance (Konicek - 1996) 443 LM : L$0.00 M$1.30 S$1.10 UNIT$0.00
A top ten exhibition cultivar that is doing extremely well on the show table. A ruffled light pink with a large white throat. Perfectly tailored spikes hold 10-12 open of 25-27 buds. Great cutting stems as well.

Pink Elf (Wagner - 1980) 243 EM : L$0.00 M$0.85 S$0.70 UNIT$0.00
Always a customer's favourite each year for being such a reliable miniature of superb quality. A medium pink blending to a creamy white throat.

Pink Lace (Frederick - 2013) 273 M : L$1.75 M$1.30 S$1.00 UNIT$4.75
A medium pink lavender that is deeper at it's petal edges and accented with deeper lip petals. Florets are beautifully sculptured with medium ruffling and substance and just over 2 1/2" in size. Very formal placement an has a promising future!

Plaisir (D.Croteau - 2005) 433 EM : L$1.50 M$1.10 S$0.85 UNIT$0.00
A superb salmon that is accented with a red on yellow blotch. A good clean colour on nice green plants. Very formal, holds open 9 ruffled florets on fine looking spikes. Has done well in British shows.

Pries Ausra (Balcikonis - 1995) 595 LM : L$2.00 M$1.50 S$0.00 UNIT$5.50
An interesting brown smoky with lighter veined washes near outer petals. A true 500 that produces tall and heavy spikes with 26" flower heads. Florets are 5 1/2+" with lots of ruffling.

Pristine White (Frederick - 2016) 400 M : L$3.75 M$2.50 S$1.75 UNIT$9.50
A large 400 pristine white with 5" florets. One of the best whites we've grown. It can easily hold open upto 10 of 25 buds on 26" heads in very formal placement. Wide open florets are lightly ruffled. An exhibition glad that has long cutting stems as well. Rated excellent in our trials.(Cotton Queen x Huron Norma)

Purple King (Markevicius - 2009) 578 LM : L$0.00 M$2.00 S$0.00 UNIT$0.00
A very tall grower with royal stature. Florets are lightly ruffled and an attractive shade of purple. Has great atributes and produces nice looking corms as well. A king of purples.

Purple Paradox (Mimranek - 2004) 355 EM : L$0.00 M$0.00 S$0.00 UNIT$0.00
SOLD OUT A rare combination of ruby red with a violet blue blotch in throat. Nice ruffling and good subtance. Great for luxurious looking designs and bouquets.

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