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Tabasco Cat (Jackson - 2012) 227 E : L$2.00 M$1.50 S$1.10 UNIT$6.50
A hot deep scarlet orange with striking yellow lower petals and throat with raised ribs. Holds open 7-8 medium ruffled florets in formal placement of 21 buds on long stems. This one will spice things up.

Tall Lady (Peeters - 2014) 462 EM : L$2.50 M$1.75 S$1.25 UNIT$7.00
Immaculate ruffling, graceful form and excellent plant habits make this a much desired lady. Florets are a lovely light rose that are deeper at edges, 5" in size and of medium-heavy substance. Holds open 8 of 24 buds on 24+" heads in formal placement on tall plants.

Tammy Maria (Peeters - 2002) 463 M : L$1.00 M$0.90 S$0.00 UNIT$0.00
A tall lavender rose with distinctive flares and picotee. Has a victorian look that is timeless.

Tante Ann (Peeters - 2002) 335 M : L$1.00 M$0.90 S$0.75 UNIT$0.00
A vibrant red salmon that has expressive white arrows on center of petals. A formal easy grower of mid size plants.

Technic Art (Peeters - 2016) 445 M : L$3.50 M$2.50 S$1.75 UNIT$9.50
A coral pink that is deeper at petal edges and transitions perfectly to a light center. It has all the technics for a quality show spike. Opens 8 lightly ruffled 4 3/4" florets of 25 buds on 24"+ spikes in formal placement.

Terry (Peeters - 2008) 525 LM : L$1.75 M$1.30 S$1.00 UNIT$4.75
A marvelous large apricot orange blending into a yellow throat. Holds 7-8 open of 25 buds on flower heads upto 30" in length. The 5 1/2"-6" florets are very lightly ruffled in formal placement. Top rated glad with many wins under it's belt.

The Queen (AA Fischer - 1981) 442 M : L$1.50 M$1.10 S$0.85 UNIT$4.25
A superb salmon pink with lighter throat. Very formal and a real beauty. A consistent performer.

Thermal Heat (Peeters - 2016) 426 E : L$3.50 M$2.50 S$1.75 UNIT$9.50
A deep vibrant orange with 5" ruffled florrets. Holds open 10 of 26 buds on 26" spikes set on long cutting stems. A good E to EM season cutflower.

Tiger Kitten (Sander - 2006) 393 M : L$0.00 M$0.00 S$0.00 UNIT$0.00
SOLD OUT. A smokey tan with a yellow on lower petals overlaid with reddish brown tiger striping and veining. Very decorative and interesting colour combination. Very limited supply.

Tonnie (Peeters - 2006) 412 M : L$1.25 M$1.00 S$0.80 UNIT$4.00
A pure light yellow with handsome ruffling. Holds open 8 of 22+ buds on lengthy 30" flower heads in fine formal fashion. A dual purpose glad, both as a show glad or cut flower commercial type.

Tsolum (Sjuberg - 2009) 234 M : L$0.00 M$1.75 S$1.25 UNIT$0.00
A top exhibition orange-salmon that has superior smooth colour saturation. Holds open 8 medium-heavy ruffled flowers of 24 buds in superb formal placement on 23" heads. Rated highly in our miniature trials and is a winner on the show table.

Turkey Tracks (Jackson - 2016) 237 EM : L$3.50 M$2.50 S$1.75 UNIT$9.50
A deep reddish salmon with red dart shaped blotch and light yellow frosting in throat. Florets are waved, slightly hooded and 3" in size in semi formal placement on tall plants. Miniature with great colour!

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