Welcome! We specialize in growing great glads. We are a family operated business located in the heart of southern Ontario Canada, sheltered by the Great Lakes and surrounded by prime agricultural land. There are well over 200 cultivars in our gladiolus field to select from. We offer new Introductions each year and showcase a fine selection on our website that will allow everyone a new glad of interest. Each spring, since the mid 1990’s, our corms (bulbs) are shipped to gardeners and growers in Canada, United States and parts of Europe. We truly look forward to bringing beautiful flowers to your garden!

For new growers to gladiolus, we suggest trying one of our special priced collections to give you a nice sampling. Please read the "Order and Shipping Information page" for ordering details for your location.

We have been growing gladiolus commercially and have had a catalogue since 1994. It started with a container of gladiolus corms imported from Holland and then soon diversified with our own hybridizing program. In our trials we test and propagate new varieties (seedlings) from hybridizers overseas, the USA, Canada and our own in-house hybridizer Louis Peeters. We have been Members since the mid 1990’s of the North American Gladiolus society and the Canadian Gladiolus Society. Louis and daughter Karin have attended and participated in numerous conferences and conventions. These organizations have a wealth of knowledge. Louis and Karin have been recognized and received several awards over the years each including a North American Gladiolus Society Gold Medal. Their cultivars have won All American and All America Select as well as being inducted into the Gladiolus Hall of Fame..

Today Karin’s children and grand children help with some of the gladiolus farm’s operations. In years past, their dad, the late Robert McDougall was an important part of the gladiolus business. He will always be remembered by this beautiful flower.

The business no longer has a physical version of a catalogue and has gone to a website format which allows you to view pictures of each cultivar.