Order and Shipping Information

There are two easy ways to order


Canada & USA
Place your order and pay online by making your selections on this website.

Not available for UK and overseas. These orders must be placed by email at karin@peetersglads.com so we can calculate your shipping cost. Once your order is confirmed, we email a PayPal request at which point you can use a credit card or your PayPal account to pay for the order.


Just download the printable copy of our current Order Form (PDF)
Mail your completed order form with payment.

We accept payment as follows:
Canada: Cheque or Money order (Payable to Peeters Enterprises)

USA: just use your personal cheque as usual in US$ or an International Postal Money Order (Payable to Peeters Enterprises)

UK & Overseas: 
Once your order is confirmed, payment can be made via the following options:

  • We can email a PayPal request at which point you can use a credit card or your PayPal account to pay for the order
  • You can use Western Union to E-transfer the order amount to our Peeters bank account or a bank wire transfer. We will provide our banking information once your order is confirmed. There is a $15.00 charge for this service. 

We suggest placing your order early to ensure availability.
Orders are filled in sequence received.

Please send orders in before March 31st. Cut off date for orders for each calendar year is the beginning of April.

Minimum Orders

To make sure we are not losing money on shipping we have a minimum order requirement. 

Canada: $25.00 worth of corms
USA: $35.00 worth of corms
UK & Overseas: $60.00 worth of corms


All orders are shipped approximately mid-late March to end April weather permitting. If requested, we will try to accommodate a specific shipping date
We ship Canada Post Expedited within CANADA. To the USA we use Expedited or Xpress Post whichever method your paid shipping cost will cover. Most orders Overseas are shipped via Xpress-Post (Air), Canada Post no longer offers any other options in most cases.

If shipping charges more than exceeds actual cost, we will include extras.


Costs are approximated as follows:

Orders of $25 - $50: shipping cost $17
Orders of $50 - $140.00: shipping cost of $20
Orders of $140 - $300: shipping cost is 15% of total cost of items
Orders of $300+: shipping is 10% total cost of items


Orders of $30-$100: shipping cost $20
Orders of $100 - $150: shipping cost of $25
Orders of $150 - $300: shipping cost is 17% of total cost of items
Orders of $300 - $550: shipping is 15% total cost of items
Orders of $550+: shipping is 12% total cost of items

There is also a mandatory $12.00 agricultural/phytosanitary certificate fee for international shipments that will be added to your shipping costs.
NOTE: In the shopping cart at checkout the certificate fee will be included with the shipping cost (Example; $20 shipping + $12.00 certificate fee = $32.00) So at check out the shipping cost would show as $32.00

UK and overseas as per quote by email (see below for approximate cost) plus the mandatory $12.00 agricultural/phytosanitary certificate fee

Minimum shipping cost for UK and overseas is $95.00 per order

Otherwise calculated approximately as follows:

100-200 large corms: $1.00 per corm
200+ large corms: $0.80 per corm

100-300 medium corms: $0.80 per corm
300+ medium corms: $0.60 per corm

160+ small corms: $0.60 per corm


Terms of Sale

We guarantee all corms (bulbs) to be true-to-name, meaning you get exactly what you ordered. Some varieties are short in supply each year, but we will do the best that we can. If it should become necessary, we substitute size first, then nearest colour unless you state otherwise. You can state this on your order form or by email. We guarantee photos in our catalogue accurately represent the bulb shipped to you. Mistakes can happen so if your corm blooms other than as expected, please contact us and we will gladly replace it with the correct variety, a selection of your choice, or issue a credit.

We guarantee bulbs arrive in good condition. Occasionally a bulb can spoil in transit, especially under warm conditions. It is your responsibility to inspect all bulbs upon arrival and notify us of any problems within 10 days of receiving shipment.